Sometimes you need the flexibly offered by Excel and Digital Consolidation is a Specialist

We support any spreadsheets including VBA code and we particularly recommend the use of Modern Excel for FP&A spreadsheets. Modern Excel is leveraging new Excel built-in functionalities and allow to create more efficient, easier to audit and easy to use Spreadsheets.

Power Query is Modern Excel powerful built-in ETL using the M formula language, you can transform and map your data and easily replace 99% of your VBA code with a functional coding easy to audit. Most of the time the code is automatically generated for you by the user friendly interface .

Power Pivot is much more than a pivot table tool, it allows you to use DAX to create advanced modelling from your Power Query data and other sources.

Bringing together Power Query and Power Pivot in an excel workbook allow you to create a powerful and flexible OLAP FP&A planning solution using only Excel. It works amazingly for data source up to 50MB.

Excel Power Query and Power pivot are also fully compatible with Power BI as they share the same tool.

Modern Excel FP&A

We have extensive experience building Google Apps Script application. For a leading UK university, we have developed a custom event mapping application using Google Maps to book events with GPS coordinates in a JSON format spreadsheet.

For internal processes that need automation or light internal web applications leveraging google services such as google maps, gmail or google calendar Google Apps Script could help you build that quick win application not available on the market.