Empower your team with our advanced training offerInvest in training to boost productivity and ensure you make full use of your existing software

We provide training for Excel, IBM Cognos TM1 and G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work).
Our training is fun and not standardised. We work with small groups or 1 to 1 session and also provide training material for bigger groups with the use of new technologies including video and online quiz. Training typically starts with an introduction, demonstration and always ends with a friendly test to put the learning in practice with the help of the instructor. This is to ensure that everything is explained at least 3 times. Theoretically, in action and by doing it. The instructor adapts the training material to the learner. We believe that there is no perfect timing for training and training is always beneficial. 

At the very early stage of a project training users will facilitate the requirements gathering. "Thanks to this early training, I will be able to contribute to the project definition and I am already operational for testing". During the implementation of a project the training will facilitate adoptions and lower resistance to change 
"I was worried at first but thanks to the training, I am really excited about this new product and the new possibilities". For experienced staff or new joiners training increases productivity and lowers risk. People become more efficient, more creative and need less supervision. "I just figured out how we can save 2 hours a day"

Excel Training

For Analyst
Learn worksheet function such as:
If, or and statements, vlookup, hlookup, index, choose
Data Validation
Conditional formatting
Pivot tables

For Associate
Learn Macro and VBA
Record and understand macro
Writing your first algorithm
Writing a customized worksheet function
Introduction to OLE Automation
The VB6 library

IBM Cognos TM1 Training

Understanding OLAP and TM1 
Ideal for Financial and Business Analysts the training starts by describing the different objects that makes TM1 comparing other systems.

We explain cubes, dimensions, dynamic and static subsets, elements, attributes and control cubes.

Understand views and the zero suppression, read data directly from the cube viewer. Create snapshots, slices and ActiveForms reports with Perspective, the Excel interface. 

Understand the use of script in rules and turbo integrator process. How to secure your model with the 5 types of securities. 

We can also prepare you for the IBM Cognos Certifications.

G Suite

Making the best of G Suite
Our training courses will ensure an efficient transition from legacy systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Office to Gmail and Google Docs with Google Sheets as an alternative to Excel.

We will also show you how to easily boost collaboration with exciting products like creating websites in 5 minutes with embedded docs in google sites.

Google Apps Power User and Administrator Training

For those needing more in-depth knowledge of Google Apps, our experts are on hand to coach administrators and train them on the Google Apps control panel. Our advanced training options can empower administrators to handle the migration of your company and any ongoing transition.

We also cover the migration from Excel VBA to Google Apps Script.