Digital Consolidation for your TM1 model

We provide fixed quotes for your implementation, change management or TM1 support. We believe in Finance change and innovation and can intervene at any stage of your project working with your internal team or external resources. We are experts in turbo integrator processes and advanced rules. We facilitate your migration from Cognos Planning to TM1.

Application and Cloud

Digital Consolidation is one of very few companies combining true Excel and VBA expertise with IBM Cognos TM1 experience. We are experts in in TM1 Applications using Excel VBA API.

TM1 is now available as a Cloud-based deployment option providing the same functionality as the on-premise solution plus enhanced collaboration and mobile capabilities through the IBM Concert interface.

Working with Digital Consolidation allows you to benefit from the latest technologies such as Google Cloud G Suite to create innovative application interfaced with your existing TM1 Model. You can imagine any type of data contribution tools to impove your reporting and planning such as our Google Apps Expenses Manager.

You can also use the TM1 Web JavaScript library to programmatically access TM1 Web Websheet and CubeViewer objects in a combined HTML, JavaScript, and Dojo web page development environment

Sustainability: Audit, mapping and documentation of your existing models. Also consider appointing Digital Consolidation as your Data Management and Spreadsheet Control Specialist Here. Personalised TM1 Training for Basic and Advanced Users. The sustainability of your TM1 model will greatly depend on the pre-development strategy and requirements gathering. Digital Consolidation believes in a practical “application centered” requirements method.

Why IBM Cognos TM1?

TM1 is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting. 

It can reduce planning and reporting cycles from days to minutes, up to real time and facilitates use of planning best practices such as driver-based and rolling forecasting. 

"Analysts become free from the burden of data gathering and report maintenance and can focus on added value analysis, measuring the impact of investments and improving cash, credit and tax management. " 

IBM Cognos TM1 organizations drive better business decisions, with faster implementation times and lower IT costs. TM1 models can be entirely managed by the finance department with minimum support from the IT department in reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting. 

"Nucleus Research analysed that Return on Investment for analytics and Business Intelligence solutions is increasing and currently delivers on average $13 for every dollar spent." 

Performance: A multi-dimensional, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP engine that provides exceptionally fast performance for analyzing complex and sophisticated models, large data sets and even streamed data. 

Flexibility: Personalized planning with some changes requiring no programming skills, interface with Microsoft Excel, TM1 Web and the Contributor client for managed participation. 

Scalability and Security: TM1 is highly scalable to hundreds of users and confidential data can be secured up to the cell level.