Our Expenses Manager saves time and money by managing expenses on the cloud with Google Cloud G SuiteTMRecord and capture your expenses wherever you are. Ensure the expenses are accurate with automatic mileage calculations. Take photo of your receipts and store them in Google Drive. 
Fraudulent expense claims cost UK businesses around £3.5 billion each year so keep an eye on the cost with our analytics report, compare employees and clients monthly expense reports.

Try our Demos below:You don't need to register, just claim an expense under any name (also click commit for mileage) and see some examples of live analytics reports HERE. Check out .csv format in data tab. The demo doesn't work at all in certain older browsers including Internet Explorer 9.

Get a return on Investment within weeks by saving on processing time and expenses.
Case Study: Fresh United Ltd has 75 employees and clients all over the UK. Before implementing Google Apps Expenses Manager, employees claimed hotel, mileage and other transports costs using both paper and spreadsheets making the costs difficult to track.

John, a Senior Salesperson who drives long distance often overestimated distances to the nearest 10. Our User Friendly application ended the approximations, it records a dynamic number of rows per claim with destination and origin addresses and accurately calculates the driving distance therefore avoiding "guesstimated" or fabricated journeys. According to research, proactive auditing lowers mileage costs by 24.7%.

Sarah from the Finance Department saves around 5 days a month in manual processing. She doesn't need to compile information anymore and the risk of manual entry errors is reduced. The application also interfaces with your payment, accounting or reporting systems like IBM Cognos TM1.
Claims denominated in Foreign Currency are automatically converted to GBP using the daily European Central Bank reference rate. Our analytics reports are a valuable source of information to ensure profitability in a low margin environment.The reports have indicated that a few employees didn't follow the hotel booking guidance and spent significantly more than their peers, the expenses policy was then reinforced resulting in additional savings and more competitive pricing.

Business expenses can be justified as they occur using our receipt form. By simply taking photos of the receipts after creating the expense line items as soon as you get them you can worry less about the possibility of losing them. If your expenses receip
ts is already in a digital format such as a flight ticket then you can simply upload them from your documents on a mobile phones, tablets or computer. All photos and PDF receipts are automatically saved to google drive and recorded   in the receipts tab. The finance team can create reports on unjustified claims or simply open a receipt from the URL link. Goodbye scanning or archiving operations.

Customisation We create user interfaces optimised for mobile phones. Logins can be integrated with Gmail accounts to avoid new passwords. Workflow creation with approval/rejection of claim and segregation of duties. Calculation or separate input of VAT. Cost of mileage based on vehicle types and number of miles per year. Automatic email submission confirmations and chasers. To avoid manual input of addresses we can provide the geolocation of users. See our demo below, click get position and wait 3 seconds to get your current address.

Google Apps Script technology with google spreadsheet as a light database and 2 great services for accurate mileage calculation: Google Maps Direction Finder and MapQuest Javascript API. Autocomplete of addresses is engined by Google (addresses can be restricted to a region). Unique claim id with multi-leg expenses on the same claim. Note that the application needs javascript enabled and will work on modern browsers updated since 2013.