What we do:

Digital Consolidation is a consultancy and a development company focusing on innovative enterprise apps.

New cloud technologies such as google apps script allow companies to quickly develop web applications tailored to their need with virtually no IT maintenance cost.
Large softwares available on the market are often very good but still require considerable implementation efforts and the risk of cost spiralling out of control is high since 66% of IT project run over budget.

Google Apps Script is the programming solution of Google  Cloud G SuiteTM, it was extended in December 2014 to provide a full HTML services capabilites. You can now quickly develop a working prototype web application in a matter of days or weeks without risk. The cost of experimenting becomes lower than ever and the return on investment is immediate.

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Samples of our past projects:

An innovative mortgage calculator that allows users to simulate house price crash scenarios. It is a front end only Google Apps Script Web Application.

A Google Apps Script Web Application leveraging Google Maps and Google Sheets to edit an investigative online visualisation platform of Goldsmiths University.

G Suite and Finance Change
Discover how our Expenses Manager allows businesses to efficiently manage their expenses. Save time and money on processing time, reduce mileage fraud and risk and better follow up expenses.

We all love Excel but do you know that spreadsheets errors and frauds cost the global economy hundreds of millions of pounds every year?   

What if your BI system could automatically think for you and perform task such as detect language or sentiment?